Ice Cream

Ice cream. I love it with a passion and whenever there’s spare time, I’ll make a batch of ice cream at home. But let’s face it, most of us don’t have the time or the motivation to make their own. Luckily Melbourne has a huge selection of ice cream and gelato shops is most suburbs.

Living in Carlton has some definite benefits: it’s close to the city, offers amazing restaurants, you’re close to the Melbourne Museum, the list goes on. But what I love the most is having access to a wide range of really good ice cream and gelato. To offer ice cream in this suburb it needs to be good or customers will simply choose somewhere else to spend their money. So let’s cut to the chase and take a look at our favourite go-to ice cream stores in Carlton.

Where to go for ice cream in Carlton

1. Pidapippo

Pidapipo Carlton
Pidapipo Carlton

Pidapippo is a relatively new gelato shop that has quickly built a name for offering delicious desserts in the heart of Lygon St. They offer a revolving selection of creamy classics as well as flavours that you probably wouldn’t have tried before. During Easter they make a mean ice cream sandwich using hot cross buns!

If you don’t like lining up, be sure to visit during the day because a line is almost guaranteed in the evening – especially in Summer.

Check out Pidapippo here.

2. Brunetti

Brunetti gelato
Brunetti gelato

What can we say, this Carlton institution is a solid performed that keeps churning out a lovely selection of gelato, sorbet and a huge selection of other desserts. There is something for everyone at this cafe. If you don’t feel like a cone or a tub of gelato, they have some amazingly good ice cream sandwiches in their freezer towards the front of the shop which are well worth trying.

Check out Brunetti here.

3. Yo-Chi

Yo Chi Carlton
Yo-Chi Carlton

Not ice cream or gelato, but Yo-Chi needed to be mentioned – especially if you have kids. They adore this frozen yoghurt store that allows you to create your own dessert and add the toppings. We love this because it allows you to opt for a small dessert if you’re not hungry. Or, if you’re like us, go crazy fitting as much frozen yoghurt, sauce, lollies and chocolate as possible into one container.

Check out Yo-Chi here.

Of course, there are some other honourable mentions that you couldĀ  consider visiting including Casa del Gelato or New Zealand Natural. If you live in the area, visit them all and let us know what you think is the best. Visit the links above and add your own reviews and pics!